Clarinet Mouth – Or Embouchure vs Blowing Raspberries!

The embouchure, or mouth position, for playing clarinet doesn’t just happen. When I first started playing clarinet I found after a short while my mouth would just go slack, no way could I hold it there any longer, completely useless and impossible to play any longer. 

Over the weeks, months and years of practice it  improved.  However recently my teacher suggested trying a different mouthpiece.  He gave me one to try which at first seemed really hard. It is much narrower than mine and harder to blow but after fiddling with different reeds and working at it I have found it does sound better especially on the high register and it’s great for the high A in the Weber Grand Duo.

Except from Weber Music score

However the old problem has come back, ‘Clarinet Mouth’ play for 30 mins and all I can do is blow a raspberry!

Currently trying using my old mouthpiece for some pieces and then the new one for others, not sure if this is a good idea but at least I can practice for longer.

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