Poco a Poco – Little by Little

Another tick at the end of a piece, well end of the movement.  This is the Khachaturian trio, which I love, but looking back I can see it has taken me a year to reach this point.  It really has been Poco a Poco, little by little, just keep working away and at last another milestone is reached. Really thought I had over extended myself with this one.

Khachaturian Trio, Clarinet.

Khachaturian Trio, end of 1st mvt, clarinet part.

I have now started on a Sonata by Brahms, slower, beautiful and hopefully won’t take me so long to learn (come back in a year and check on that!).


Hard slog

Ok so I haven’t uncovered some hidden musical talent.  This is about hard slog, working on something, repeating and repeating it only to have a fit of nerves in the lesson and stuff it up.  However looking back I can see progress. Slow maybe but progress. I can play 3 movements of the Weber  Grand Duo except for the last page….yeah well I’m not actually up to speed on the rest of it and that last page is crazy.

Khachaturian Trio just seems to get harder and harder, there were all those groups of 9 to fit into one beat and then you get groups of 10 and groups of 11 oh and lets throw in a 6 or a 4 just to keep you on your toes. Love the piece and determinded to keep plugging away at it. More hard slog but when I think how far I have come it is so worth it. I even feel I can say I play clarinet, I used to say I am learning clarinet, of course I am still learning but now I think If I can tackle pieces like these then I can say I play clarinet.