Post Carpel Tunnel Blues

8 weeks since the operation and I am still getting a lot of pain in both hands but it may be showing some signs of improving…..or I may just be trying to convince myself that it is.

Certainly hadn’t been prepared for such a long recovery period. Surgeon doesn’t seem too concerned, though I have now apparently also got tendinitis in both wrists to add to the fun.  

Driving is painful, holding a pen is even more difficult than before but I have managed a couple of brief sessions on Squeak (clarinet). So be warned neighbours the peace & quiet may not last!

Carpel Tunnel

Going off at a bit of a tangent to my normal blog posts but still relevant to my progress (or lack of) in learning to play clarinet .

For many years I have had carpel tunnel syndrome, this makes the hands go numb when not in use, especially at night.  As it got worse over the years I felt I was losing control of my fingers.  First I had problems holding a pen, then found I could no longer touch type. Couldn’t be helping with my attempts to learn clarinet but didn’t want to make excuses.

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