A little tune by Khachaturian


Trio for clarinet, violin & piano,  Khatchurian.
Trio for clarinet, violin & piano – Khachaturian.

A sample of the new piece I am trying to learn.  I should have known that Khachaturian wouldn’t write something easy!

Those 9s mean playing 3 triplets or 9 notes in the space of one beat (I think) …er right…who’s idea was it to play this?

This may take a while!


Squeak is sick

imageSqueak the clarinet is sick. I was playing my pieces, thinking it wasn’t going too badly and my teacher will be pleased this week.  Then is started to sound very bad.  First rule of learning an instrument is blame your equipment.  Gave Squeak a hard stare.  Fiddled with the reed, tried different reed. No good.  On closer inspection I found one of the keys isn’t closing properly.  So if I can find a spare finger to hold that key down…hmm not enough fingers.  “Siobhan can you hold this key down until I say release” .    Well that worked…. sort of.  I can see getting through the Weber Grand Duo like that is going to be tricky.  Tried adjusting the tiny screws but think Squeak need professional help.   Poor Squeak.

New Zealand and back again

Survived 3 weeks in a campervan with my family!


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