Squeak fixed, Karen sick

My clever teacher was able to fix Squeak, had to take one of the keys off and bend it slighty, still needs a service but she is working.  Got some new music and all inspired to work hard at it …..then I got flu.No practice for 2 weeks…   Oh dear having to relearn things and get back into the habit of practise.  I generally enjoy it, takes my mind off work and other things, but so hard to get motivated some evenings when I’m tired and a sofa is calling….

However over the last few days I’ve put in a lot of work on a small section of music.  Might not seem a lot to show for all the effort but I’m quite pleased with myself, I’ve made some progress.

I have a new major piece to learn.  Siobhan and I heard it on the radio, clarinet, violin and piano trio by Khachaturian.  Sounds nice, maybe we could play that…..so ordered the music then fainted when I saw it.


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