Clarinet lesson update

Some years after taking up the clarinet as an adult I am still persevering.  Terrorising the neighbours & local wildlife with the strange sounds emitted from the bedroom (I’m just practising clarinet – honest).

Going to lessons, fitting in practice as best I can. Oh but it’s so easy to come home from work tired and with a headache and think missing one night won’t hurt. Then the next night I come home tired and with a headache….so resolved to do better! Now if I put it on here and chart my progress will I be shamed into more practise (or will I just hide it).

My major piece is progressing slowly but a year ago I said it was impossible I would never play that. Now, well I can get through the first 2 movements and started on the third. I chose the words ‘get through’ rather than play on purpose. Speed is definitely going to be my downfall on the third movement, fast runs…. these old fingers don’t go that fast and my counting is dyslexic. 1 & 2 & 6 &….what?

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